Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life after relex smile surgery

I did my relex smile at KPJ KL with the price of RM9630.30. I intend to do it at Prof Muhaya's.. i always adore her, her advices and way of life but after deliberately thinking i could save up to 2k, i opt to Dr. Azlina Ng instead.

I'd like to tell my experience after relex smile. On the procedures, there are a lot of blogs u could google.

Right after the surgery (that did not hurt at all only feeling a little pressure), i felt like walking into a silent hill zone, everything is foggy but somehow you could view a little.

I was so excited that on the way home, i could read the signboard and name of buildings. My eyes started to feel pedih (pedih lagi sikit dari kopek bawang). After 3 hours of sleep, the discomfort was

I timed well when i want to do relex smile. It was done during the last week of December 2016, when office work was low and with 3 days MC received, i was resting and enjoying time with family.

First day of work was a bit challenge, everyone was asking where's your spec? My vision was not sharp, blur and computer screen time is tiring. I increase the font of my computer and dim the light a bit as my way to not stress my eyes. Putting refresh assist a little but a good sleep really helps.

Now i am 3 weeks after relex smile, in dim lighting, like in the office or hotel hall, my vision is still not sharp & HD as wearing spectacle. You can read signage but the colour is not as vibrant as you remember before. During my check up, my power is now 25 where before was 550. Hopefully it will reduce to 20/20 soon :)

I also notice my vision in the morning is not stable as in much blurrier compared to 10 am, where it gradually improves. Drinking a lot of plain water and having a good night sleeps helps for me to avoid my eyes become tired easily.

I am happy with the result of relex smile if i am outdoor because i could see really well. Seeing your daughter with a new perspective without spectacles is also ahmazinggg.

I will write again after 2months of relex smile.

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