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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Journey to the West - Part #1

Its been a week i didn't write new entry. Like I wrote in my previous entry, I'm going to Surabaya, Indonesia last weekend. This phototrip consists of 12 photogs (including me). After 2 hours flight delays, we fly to the west (Indonesia generally or East Java specifically). Arrived at Juanda International Airport at 3am in the morning (Malaysia time) or 2am (Indonesia time). Upon arrival, we were welcomed by our tour guide (Mas Faizal). The first agenda that we have in the early morning is to find the place to hang out because we only managed to check in the hotel after 12 noon (OMG, its about 9 hours to go). So, Mas Faizal bring us to one of the hang out place and have some coffee (Kapal Api) and Indomee (only Rapla ordered it) while waiting for Subuh prayer.

After performing Subuh prayer, we heading to Suramadu Bridge which is located between Surabaya and Madura (about 10-20min drive from the town). From what Pak Mashud (local citizen) story, Suramadu bridge with 5438 meters long bridge is the first in Indonesia so that it become the inter-island connection city of Surabaya to Madura island, East Java. The first thing that capture my eyes is the sunrise. Its a very breath-taking sunrise that morning.

Suramadu Bridge

Mr Dewa Paipaijilo a.k.a CAL ambassador capturing the sunrise

Souvenir stall along the roadside at Suramadu

Pak Mashud

Stay tuned....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Living in the shadow of Indonesia's Volcanoes

Indonesia - Unity in Diversity..i've ask Mr. Google and show me that there are about 300 ethnic groups and more than 700 languages and dialects (believe it or not). But that's not all, the main reason i wrote this entry is to share about the landscapes and natures available in Indonesia. Belching volcanoes such as Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo are portals to a subterranean world that shapes not only Indonesia's landscape, but also its beliefs and culture. OMG, i just can't wait to travel to Surabaya this weekend to see the beauty of Indonesia by myself. It'll be the very fascinating trip thru the weekend because this is my first time travelling there.
Actually this entry is the teaser only. There will be a sequel for this entry. I'll update by next week (after I touch down to Malaysia).

p/s: sorry, for this entry there will be no pic of Mount Bromo. Will update with a lot of pics in the sequel (just wanna add my pics only...that's why i named my blog everyday thru MY VIEWFINDER.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Final Showdown 2010

Got a chance to witness the havocness and most anticipated competition for street crew dancers last Wednesday at Kl Live. Credit to Psheep for inviting me to join you and ur bro. Actually I didnt follow Showdown 2010 so much (missed a few episode due to work) but if i got the chance i'm surely go. So, for the Final episode of Showdown 2010, it is battle between Wakaka Crew, Giller Battle Crew and Floor Fever. And its all about searching for the best street dance crew all over Malaysia. Hosted by Hafiz (Fly FM) and 2 permanent judges (the sexay Maple Loo and Johan bin Ishak, better known by his stage name Joe Flizzow, is an award winning Malaysian hip hop artist and businessman. Check it out...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mat Bunga??

Am i mat bunga??hahaha...perhaps...
"Derr, walaupon gua ni dalam hati ada taman woo.."
Pesta Flora dan Taman Putrajaya 2010 sedang ebrlangsung sekarang ni (from 10-18 July 2010). So for those yang x penah gi lagi, try la usha2 kat situ...banyak benda best yang leh tengok..bunga2, mat2 bunga and minah2 bunga...hahaha...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Phototrip to Mabul Island, Sabah - Part 3

Here comes the third and final part of my journey to Mabul Island. Kali ni nak cite pasal Bajau Laut. Kalau suku Bajau Laut di Kota Belud terkenal dengan kehandalan mereka menunggang kuda, kat Mabul pulak, suku bajau laut terkenal dengan kebolehan mereka di laut. I was amazed when i saw Sea Gypsies children do a sommersault from the jetty into the sea (i would the height is about 3 metres from the sea level). Dunno how the deep the sea is..But i'm very sure it is deeper than what i predict. Bajau Laut tinggal di laut sejak turun temurun lagi di dalam rumah bot mereka.
Laut merupakan sumber utama mereka (fishing, collecting clams and mussels, and even pearl farming in the remote islands of Bodgaya and Boheydulang - i wish i could turn back time to visit Bohey Dulang)

The most interesting subject here in Mabul Island is children portraiture. Yang bestnya sebab mereka semua ni memang dah slalu diambil gmbr. So dah macam model free untuk Pulau Mabul la...Setiap kali kamera nak snap je mesti diorg akan senyum and posing (most of them with the 'peace' sign)..hehehehe...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pantai Kelanang, Banting, Selangor

Last weekend, I went to Pantai Kelanang with Azmir after browsed the flickr for sunset picture. I was amazed to see the beauty of Kelanang Beach located at Banting. At first, i really dunno where on earth is Kelanang Beach coz i've never heard about it before. Then i figured out that Kelanang Beach located near to Morib Beach (no wonder la coz i also never been to Morib before). So, to cut the long story short, we went there by Kelisa Azmir from my home at Putrajaya. It tooks approx. 1 hour drive from Putrajaya to Kelanang Beach. We arrived at 545pm but the weather is not promising (hujan renyai2 time ni). But, like Malay idiom 'alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan', so alang2 dah sampai, shoot je la apa yang ada. Hehehehe..

p/s: Sorry for the repeated image, there is nothing attract me more than this two dead trunk and tree...hehehehe...

Phototrip to Mabul Island, Sabah-Part 2

Here is the sequel from the 1st part. After about an hour travel using the speed boat, we arrived at Spheredivers (our resort). So, our journey at Mabul Island begin. I've stayed there for 3 days 2 nights. The resort is nice and peacefully (most important is affordable). After taking our breakfast (ate bread and jam with a cup of nescafe - i really need this to kick off my day), we packed our camera and gears to go or sight-seeing around the island. It is undoubtedly the water around the island and not the island itself that is the main attraction of Mabul. For non-divers (like us), Mabul will be a haven of relaxation and below are some tips for keeping busy when you need a distraction from just drinking in the scenery and serenity.

The footpath around the island takes me right through a local village. Around 2 000 people call this village, made up entirely of wooden huts built on stilts, home. The villagers are Bajau, a term used to group a number of small tribes and ethnicities found in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Bajau are a people that have lived in the region for hundreds of years. They are often called Sea Gypsies, because of their nomadic lifestyle that is intertwined with the sea from birth till death. While many are Malaysian citizens, many are immigrants from the neighbouring Philippines, often without legal documents. Island village life is as laid back as it gets, but not untouched by the presence of tourists. Handmade necklaces, earrings and seashells are on display in huts that have been converted into small stores.

Children play in the sand around the huts and eagerly pose and smile for every passing camera. Of the villagers, over 800 are children. Their parents work in the neighbouring resorts, or make a living from their boats and the sea as their people have done for centuries. A school on Mabul provides basic primary level education, but those without the required documentation, proving their citizenship or legal residence in Malaysia, are unable to attend. Many of these children follow in their parents’ footsteps and make a simple living as fishermen.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yang sempurnakanku..

Song by: 6ixth Sense
Kaulah bidadari dalam hidupku Yang selalu hadir di dalam mimpiku Bunga yang selalu harungi hariku Anugerah Tuhan yang sempurnakanku Bila kau jauh Aku selalu rindu Bila kau ada Hatikan berbunga Ku akan selalu menjadi bintangmu Menerangi gelap dan mimpimu Aku setia di sini mengusap tangismu Menemani sunyi di hatimu ....

catchy & nice song to listen...