Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Singapore dilanda Todak!!

Have you ever heard about this story?? Singapura dilanda todak...?a child named Hang Nadim who was then sentenced to death after his bright idea saved Singapore..Thant's only the introduction..

Allright, to cut the long story short...after 368KM of driving, 1.5hrs of train journey, thousands of footsteps, couple of MRT station and full day of excitement..here is Singapore!!


Tanjung Pagar Railway Station

Senoko Industrial Estate

Senoko Industrial Estate at dawn

ION Orchard

Arch in the City

It's Complicated @ Esplanade

Singapore Cityscape

Singapore Cityscape at dusk.
View from Skypark at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.
It features in the impressive, boat-shaped 'SkyPark' perched atop the three towers that make up the world's most expensive hotel, the £4billion Marina Bay Sands development in Singapore.

Monday, August 23, 2010

14 Ramadhan 1431

Pejam celik pejam celik, dah masuk 14 hari umat Islam berpuasa. Terasa sunnguh pantas masa berlalu. Alhamdulillah segala puji dan syukur ke hadrat Allah S.W.T kerana dengan limpah kurniaNya aku masih bernafas dan dapat menikmati kebesaranNya. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini memberi seribu makna.

Abu Hurairah menyatakan : Telah bersabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud : Apabila telah tibanya Ramadhan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutup segala pintu neraka dan diikat segala syaitan. -Hadis dikeluarkan oleh imam Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai'e, Ahmad dan Baihaqi-

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Journey to the West Part #3 (finale)

Ok all, this is the final part of my journey to the west. I really hope that I'll be back someday in the future to the country that full of excitement and culture.

Angkot- The transport of the city was supported by public transport of the city transport (angkot), taxi and city bus. Due to the high density traffic here in Surabaya, their local citizen prefer using the public transport rather than drive along the road.

Street Stall - there are hundreds of semi-permenant outlets like this on the street of Indonesia.

House of Sempoerna - its a headquater for famous cigarette brand in Indonesia, Sempoerna or previously known as Dji Sam Soe.

Inside House of Sempoerna

House of Sempoerna

Upon arrival in Cemorolawang Village, we take a jeep passing through the sea sand to climb up to the Penanjakan Peaks to enjoy the sunrise on the 2600m above sea levels but unfortunately that day wasn't our day. Because of the bad weather, we unable to see the sunrise from Penanjakan

On the to Mount Bromo riding a horse. This is my first time as a horse rider..hohohoh...

Mount Bromo

To reach to the crater, visitors must take a steep path of 250 steps leadd to the edge of the crater.

Mount Bromo isn't the highest mointain in Java but it's probably the most famous one.
Mount Bromo - edged tinged with the white sulphur and always bubbling. You better cover up your nose because of its unpleasant smell.

Mount Bromo Horse Rider

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Journey to the West Part #2

After had a breakfast (Soto Ayam & Frestea), my journey continue to the centre of Surabaya City. The first stop after breakfast is Pasar Pabean. It located in the heart of the old city near to Sunan Ampel which is very famous shopping spot in Surabaya. What can I say about pasar Pabean? Hmmm...Pasar Pabean is a sprawling, darkly lit market, where you can buy everything from Madurese chickens to Chinese crockery. Surabaya is a mainly trading gate in East Java. Enriches with all its potential, facilities, and geography advantages, Surabaya has a great economy potential. Primary, secondary and tertiary in this city are very supportive to make the name of Surabaya as Trading and Economy city stronger.

What else can I say about Surabaya??The people very nice and friendly, make me feel welcome being there. They have the similarity with people of Mabul Island. Why I said that? Because after we asked their permission to take their pictures, they gonna asked us how it looks (the pic).

Frestea (breakfast)

Street of Surabaya

Pasar Pabean

Inside Pasar Pabean

The traders selling their stuffs (fresh from farm maa...)

Sunan Ampel

A woman selling her home-made cakes and buns