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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fuuuu...almost a year already.'s been almost a year i didn't write up here. So many things happen in one year.
Kalau sebelum ni (last post) I'm engaged..sekarang dah jadi laki orang..Sometimes I feel like time flying by so fast tanpa kita sedari. Dalam setahun ni banyak benda dah berlaku (yup, already mention it before la bro..)

Everyday brings new challenges. Whoever is not prepared to move with the tide of change will be left behind. That is life. Transition from in relationship to engage..the from engage to tau kawin ni, kalau tahu camni punya best memang dari dulu lagi dah for anyone yang belum kawin tu, baik korg kawin cepat2 sebab kawin memang best..bak kata my lovely wife in her memo below:

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